Wednesday, July 4, 2012



In addition to car paintings and portraits and landscapes and plein air and still lifes, I also do NUDES.


Unless you are 18 or older, you should not be looking at the following. Instead, ask your mother to take you to an art museum where you will see many NUDES painted by OLD DEAD GUYS!

The painting above is a copy of an Internet photo
As I've said elsewhere, I'm trying to free up my style
This is 12 x 16 on canvas panel in a frame
It was painted in ~1 h - Oct 2012

Nude below in Shadow - Impressionistic Style -
12 x 16 on canvas panel- Jul 2012

As I mentioned elsewhere (and below), Wet Canvas challenged us to paint copy a famous oil painting using acrylics. I chose Renoir's "Nude in Sunlight". I then did my own take-off on the subject.
[BTW, note the similarity of the shadows on the nude and those on my car paintings!]
These are 12 x 16 on canvas panel

This is an odd painting that needs some explanation
Wet Canvas Acrylics Forum had a monthly contest several years ago in which we were challenged to paint like an old master but in acrylics. I copied Picasso's drunk guitar player (which I posted under the Portrait Thread) and followed it with the painting below, of a nude lady with her violin. Strange, huh? It's 15 x 20 on canvas panel

Another odd painting.
The posed model is in the middle and she is surrounded by the many artists' renditions of her pose. 16 x 20 on canvas panel. 

This was done for a weekend drawing event on Wet Canvas, except I modified it by removing the lady's swim suit, 9 x 12 on canvas paper

Another strange painting , 12 x 16 on canvas board

Lady in a boat , 8 x 10 on canvas board

This one has caused some controversy
It is an internet foto of a lady trying on wedding dresses
The debate centered around the length of her legs v the length of her torso. 12 x 16 on canvas board

                                 The paintings that follow are all 12 x 16 on canvas boardThey have been done over a 6 yr period
The one immediately below was exhibited at a local art show. It was the only nude there and the gallery hangers hid it in a dark corner

BTW, if you look on the Surreal Thread, you will see this gal as a statue

The one below was an early heat-set oil circa 2003

The one below is my Goth girl (look at the background)

This was an advert in a mag
I inserted the lady between the four old geezers
who are obviously ignoring her

The next group represent an experiment
The photo was subjected to Posterizing and Soft Plastic distortion. I then tried to paint the result
Interesting but no cigar!

And continuing on...

The lady below is holding a glass apple
I've used a glass apple in still life paintings

Not the kind of farmers market I remember

The one below I thought of as Joan of Arc

The group that follows are paintings from vintage risque photographs. I've stylized them

A group setting

South Miami Beach from a photo

I've taken occasional figure study workshops at the local Fine Arts Center. These are quick acrylic sketches, some only 10 min in length