Monday, July 9, 2012

Some old paintings - to redo or paint over

                        TRASH OR TREASURE?

I decided that I've accumulated a lot of "old" paintings. Meaning stuff that goes back to when I decided to restart my hobby in earnest about 2005 or so. I'd been painting acrylics for many years until I started my consultancy in 1985. At that time, I decided to "abandon" painting to emphasize my business. In 2005, after much of my consulting business went overseas, I resumed acrylics, this time focusing on brush painting rather than airbrush painting.

I dug the paintings that follow from under a workbench. Many of the paintings are from photos I've taken on my trips around the world.

Some are okay, some need some redoing, and some need to be painted over. Right now, however, I consider this thread of the blog to be a repository for them. There is no rhyme or reason to their order here. I will try to identify their source, however.

Abandoned estate at the Thai-Cambodian border

Balboa Park, San Diego 

Bok Tower, Florida 

Window and Doorway, Burgundy, France 

Lake Canandiagua, New York 

From a B+W photo in newspaper

A church in Southern Germany
Photo taken from van window 
An inn, taken from that same van in Southern Germany
Beach at Destin, FL in Feb
Second from 7AM photo 

Trainmaster house, Dunedin FL
Bldg on left was supposed to be a modern office building but the attachment to the early 20th century National Register house was violently objected to by the townsfolk. As a result, the building was torn down and the house was moved to another part of the town

English style church
I believe it's in Berlin 

Ancient church in Kent, England

The castle at Kent, England 

Two streets in Kent, England

Kinsale, Ireland 

Some portraits from Internet Challenges - Wet Canvas 
This was the town hall and fire station in the town where I grew up. It's now a museum

Salzburg Castle

Semi-abstract ship in waves
ITSO Turner

St Jo Sound from Mira Vista Park, Dunedin FL

St Jo Sound from San Jose Park, Dunedin FL
 The next six are from Thailand
The first three are from the Floating Market
The last three are from a park just outside of Bangkok

 The Bridges at Florence, Italy

An ancient painting - 2002 -
from a photo taken in the '60s
Heat-set Genesis oils

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