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I am fascinated with surrealism. It was a French art movement that began in the 1920s as a spin-off from DADAism and Expressionism. It was supposed to be a manifestation of the unconscious mind, a collection of things that do not seem to rationally go together. Altho most people recognize Dali as the greatest surrealist, his very early work seems to be closer to the surrealistic ideal. My favorite surrealist is Magritte.

I've played with the concept off and on for a few years. I am posting some paintings that I believe capture my view of surrealism. I'll try to explain as I post them.
Almost all are 12 x 16 acrylics on canvas panels.

This is one of my first attempts
There are five elements that I have tried to include in each painting - A ship, a creature, landscape, a building, a human (nude?), and a section of a well-known painting. So here we have a ship, two crabs, mount fuji, the Pisa tower, a nude, a castle as a kite, and way in the back a wagon from a famous painting
[I offered this one to a local art show but
they rejected it - the nude, they said!]

This is also an early attempt
A trantula, a street scene from Kent England, a lighthouse, a ship, and a horserace from a famous painting (Oh, and on this one, I've included fire!)
Some News! SPIDER LADY won 2nd prize against dozens of professional artists in an area-wide PAVA art show on 27 Sep 2012!
This is gonna re-inspire me to do some more

So why is the caption on this one 'X'?
The semaphore flag held by the person on the hill is X
Camels, a beached ship, castle ruins, a burning bush, and nudes

So far, this is my favorite
Twin towers on fire, King Kong, a sailboat, a moth as a kite, a nude statue, and a nude at the base of the statue

Had some fits with this one
It's somewhat based on a Magritte, where the painting melds into the view being painted (or is the view a painting?). We have a couple of painted frogs, some nudes, sail boats, and a balloon on fire

This deviates from the conventional surrealism into fantasy but I include it here 'cause it don't fit anywhere else!

Allegorical, I guess.
The stone statue turns to flesh
while the woman turns to stone

Okay, you ask, what's the above painting all about?
Well, there's a movement underway called
It essentially combines 19th century mechanical
things with people [Go look it up, okay?]
So the guy and the boiler above represents
Bits and pieces of this will be overpainted to include
the PUNK part of STEAMPUNK
Okay, below is the painted over version of the above painting. I have now PUNK'd it
If you look carefully, you will see that the guy now wears goggles and an apparatus that covers his ear
Furthermore, he's wearing power arm sleeves and his wrench now has a hand guard and a torque meter
Steam has been added for effect only!

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